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Last updated: 2015-09-13

PHP Tutorials - Forums

This section goes over building a web forum with multiple boards. It can be simplified to involve only one chat board. This section is dependent on the ability for users to log in to your site as we set up in the user registration, user log-in sections and instructions about setting restrictions.

We've separated the process into five parts:

  1. The database
  2. Posting a thread
  3. Viewing a forum board
  4. Viewing a thread
  5. Making a comment


Go through the tables required to operate a full forum and how they'll work together.

Posting a thread

Make the web form and code required to allow a registered user to post a thread.

Viewing a forum board

View the threads posted to a forum. For our example, there are multiple boards. However, this can be simplified to work on a single forum.

Viewing a thread

Learn how to view a single forum thread.

Making a comment

Learn how to make a comment and view comments to a thread.