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Last updated: 2015-09-13

Making and viewing thread comments

In this section, we'll go over how to allow a registered user to make a comment and how to display comments for a forum thread.

The code for this version will be written in a procedural method.


Refer to the Get Started section to know what you need to use this tutorial. You must also have an understanding of HTML and how a web page is constructed.


To use this tutorial, we recommend that you use our other lessons, User registration, User log-in and log-out, Setting restrictions with PHP, Posting a forum thread, Viewing a thread and PHP forum - The database to be able to duplicate what we have.

The database described in those tutorials is necessary if you plan to follow this tutorial line-by-line. Only logged-in users will be able to post to this forum.


The database

In the previous lessons, User registration and User log-in and log-out, we created and worked with a database and table. We'll be using that same setup with modifications. We're adding the fields "fname," "lname" and "phone."

Database name: social

We'll use this database for more social apps

Table: forum_comments

Column Type Description
commentID INT (11) This will be the primary key. It is a unique ID number assigned to each individual comment. It should be set to increment automatically.
threadID INT (11) The identification number of the thread each comment belongs to.
userID INT (11) The identification number of the user who created the comment.
content LONGTEXT The string of text the user entered as their comment.
created INT (11) The numberic value of the time a comment was created
isDeleted Bool A TRUE/FALSE value that will control whether or not the comment can be viewed.
timestamp Timestamp A time stamp, provided by the database, about time the comment was last updated.

Every comment will be held in this table for all of the boards.

Displaying the thread

Refer to the lesson about Viewing a thread to display the contents of a single forum thread.

Displaying the comments

This general template will fit the information we want to display to a user on each individual thread. Let's query the database for the information about the thread's comments. This can only be done if the ID of a thread is in the URL as a $_GET variable. For this lesson, only logged-in users can view forum threads. If they are, query the database for the thread.

Posting a comment

Next, we'll work on making comments on a post and displaying those comments under the post.

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